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FortressPay Launches World’s First Enterprise-ready Biometric Payment Platform

FortressPay, in partnership with SoftwareONE and as part of AWS ISV Modernization Program, launches the world’s first enterprise-ready biometric  payment platform, to lead the way in eliminating fraud for e-commerce and POS merchants globally.  

Miami, FL Nov 30th, 2023 — Amazon Web Services powers some of the largest platforms in the world.  FortressPay chose to leverage the AWS ISV modernization program to bring to market their disruptive  Payment Identity™ Platform which integrates their global issuing and acquiring capabilities with a  frictionless biometric checkout experience. 

“FortressPay’s vision is to eliminate friendly and attack payment fraud with frictionless customer  experience using biometrics. Mobile device payments are approaching over 65% of all credit card  transactions globally. People use a selfie to unlock their phones multiple times a day, making a payment  should be no different.”, said Alessandro Chiarini CEO, “By leveraging FortressPay, merchants can lower  their payment processing fees by reducing chargebacks to nearly zero, while maintaining a seamless  checkout experience for its customers. By using global biometric partners from border control and  defense, we decided to not leverage device biometrics to ensure the highest level of biometric accuracy  and be carrier agnostic.”  

“Major card brands like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are implementing biometrics to  curtail fraud, as supported by the American Express announcement of the implementation of biometrics in  Safe Key.”, says Felix Torres Ostolaza, COO of FortressPay, “We take a proactive approach by  authenticating the user BEFORE the transaction is ever presented, thus reducing shopping cart  abandonment for our merchants.”  

FortressPay worked with SoftwareONE to optimize the Payment Identity™ Platform security and scalability.  “FortressPay’s disruptive concept of the ‘payment identity’ and their challenge to our engineering team to  provide the necessary security, redundancy, compliance, and scalability to ensure the platform was  enterprise ready globally, was an exciting and challenging project for SoftwareONE.”, says Rodrigo  Eleoterio, Global Partner Channel Business Lead.

About Fortress Payments  

FortressPay is a global fintech company that provides credit card issuing, acquiring , and soon processing,  focused on US, Canada, LatAM, and soon Europe. The company trademarked and patent filed the concept  of the Payment Identity™ Platform to combine the concepts of decentralized payments with decentralized  identity that empowers users to have control over their credit and identity through clear, easy opt-in and opt-out features, helping them manage their payments identity securely. Fortress Payments Inc, DBA  FortressPay, is a Delaware and Florida C Corp based in Mimi, FL.

About SoftwareONE  

SoftwareOne is a leading global software and cloud solutions provider that is redefining how  organizations build, buy and manage everything in the cloud. By helping clients to migrate and modernize  their workloads and applications – and in parallel, to navigate and optimize the resulting software and  cloud changes – SoftwareOne unlocks the value of technology. The company’s ~9,000 employees are  driven to deliver a portfolio of 7,500 software brands with sales and delivery capabilities in 90 countries. 

Headquartered in Switzerland, SoftwareOne is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the ticker symbol  SWON. Visit us at 

SoftwareOne Holding AG, Riedenmatt 4, CH-6370 Stans  


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Fortress Payments Inc. is a registered ISO of Esquire Bank N.A., Jericho, NY.

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Fortress Payments Inc. is a registered ISO of Esquire Bank N.A., Jericho, NY.

Copyright© 2024

Fortress Payments Inc. is a registered ISO of Esquire Bank N.A., Jericho, NY.

Copyright© 2024