Biometric Payments

We are pioneering face recognition payment technology to enable safer payments for Enterprise businesses and governments.

The future is biometrics

Biometric payments are a relatively new technology that offer a more seamless and secure way to complete the payment authentication process online or in-store. It replaces the process of having to enter in your credit card, billing, shipping addresses, or additional post transaction verifications, manually each time, significantly speeding up the payment experience.

As FortressPay begins its US expansion by online merchants, your face can be used to pay safely, security, easily and fraud free across web, mobile, and soon in store.

We protect your identity

There are many apprehensions that your face can be hacked by printouts, hacks, deepfakes or that your image is stored on a server somewhere for someone to steal. While hacking is a possibility in any computer related process, Fortress Payments leverages government and border control technologies, multiple identity markers on your mobile device, pattern recognition, AI monitoring, deep learning engines, all in a fraction of a second, to ascertain your identity.

We enable secure ecommerce globally

We enable secure ecommerce globally